Consulting & Coaching

We believe in building upon a solid FOUNDATION FIRST, and we always get down to basics. Our goal is to keep it simple with crystal clear directives, grounded in solid business principles.

Our specialty is assisting clients hands-on with building a solid, profitable company structure from the inside, out. Whether you need guidance with one project or many, or an entire infrastructure established, our fabulous consulting and coaching service enhances company goals and client directives by identifying key, critical points, and by bringing solutions that streamline success.

     - defining core values
     - creating company culture
     - proper business planning
     - developing a mission, vision and purpose with clarity
     - perpetuating the vision by evolving and growing
     - defining and implementing goals
     - creating positive action plans with accountability
     - profitability and sustainability forecasting
     - develop a win, win, win attitude

Discover your professional potential as we work together to achieve your ultimate success. â€‹By creating a solid foundation first, you create a place for growth, prosperity and sustainability; all resulting in a successful venture that's efficient, effective, and quite a bit fabulous!

Take your business to the next level with A Fabulous Group! Our consulting packages include a variety of services and are quoted based upon the individual needs of the client, uniquely and professionally. We do business the old fashioned way, we earn it! Preview our other services and offerings listed below. Let us custom design your program today.

Professional Assessment of Your Business
On Location Site Analysis Available - We love to travel!
Company Culture, Mission, Vision & Purpose 
Simply Smart Business & Marketing Plans
Company Policies & Plans Organized with Implementation 
Business & Professional Development Strategies
Marketing Strategies, Media & Public Relations
Strategic Planning, Branding & Positioning
Project Planning, Organization and Management
Sales Training, Team Building & Leadership Programs
Motivational Seminars, Event Planning & Mastermind Groups
Fabulous Speakers for Training, Inspiration & Motivation
Executive / Management Consulting Services

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Business Brand Marketing

We create and build brands that last, and last! Our team of visionary business brand consultants work one-on-one with clients to offer unwavering support and expertise that impacts your audience today, keeping you TOP OF MIND now, tomorrow and beyond. Get everlasting results that deliver your brand message through design, creative development and audience awareness aligned with your mission, goals & vision. 

Branding, Brand Image & Your Brand Story (Core Story)
Logos and Slogans
Leading Authority & Expert Positioning
Email, Online & Social Media
Websites & BrandSites
Integrated Marketing & Advertising
Marketing Strategy, Positioning & Planning
Product Launches & Matching Product Materials
Direct Mail Campaigns & Materials
Copy Writing & Ghostwriting
Blogging & Article Writing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Optimization (SEO)
Online Surveys & Focus Groups
Social Media Marketing
Incentives, Incentive Marketing & Promotional Items (SWAG)

Publishing, PR & Media

We offer professional design, publishing, print and production services in a variety of media formats in-house and through our quality vendors. Because we are involved in the conceptual, creative development for the majority of our projects, and not to mention nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we have an extensive circle of influence and a wide rolodex of independent artists, designers and specialist to complete the task according to our fabulous standards of excellence. 

Business Portfolio (Business cards, Stationary)
Brochures, Invitations, and Announcements
Presentation Materials, Powerpoint, and Printed Reports
Video and Television Production
Website Copywriting and Design
Book Writing, Editing and Publishing
Kindle & ePub
Speaker Author One-Sheets, Portfolio and Media Kits
MP3 / MP4 / PODCAST / CD / DVD (Creating & Packaging)
Digital Media, Public Relations & Media Press Kits

       Stand Up, Stand Out & Get Noticed!